Visual Resources

In our Visual Resources section you will find four key areas to explore the visual elements of the resource.

View a wealth of photographs, artworks, advertising materials and ephemera in our Thematic Galleries. Browse our 360-degree Object Gallery and view objects in one seamless rotation using our unique image viewer. Discover selected highlights from the collections in our Online Commodity Exhibitions. Use the Global Commodities in Art feature to explore beautiful artworks that depict the use, availability and transportation of key commodities.

Visual Resources landing page


Thematic Image Galleries:

From the Thematic Galleries landing page, users can choose a theme to view related gallery images.

Thematic galleries landing page with thumbnails for each theme


360 Object Gallery:

Within the thematic and object galleries you can view images and their related metadata, download them as PDFs, send items to a slideshow or create your own bespoke collection of images using the My Lightbox function.

360 Object gallery has optional 360 degree rotation viewer


Online Exhibitions:

The Online Exhibitions section allows you to choose a topic from the list and explore highlights from our collections related to the key commodities.

Entry from Chocolate exhibition


Global Commodities in Art:

This feature offers analyses of artworks which offer insights into the study of global trade and commodities.

Global Commodities in art feature

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